Smart Portafilter Platform or simply abbreviated to “SPP”.

It was in 2005 when Mazzer presented at HOST the first system for weight portioning of coffee in the portafilter (with doses ready for use) and lodged its first patent for this, causing a huge interest.
But we wanted to offer you an even better product which would be combined with the “on demand” distribution of which Mazzer has been a pioneer and a benchmark for the sector.
Now, thanks to its patient but steady work, Mazzer is again shaking the market with the presentation of SPP technology.

After a lengthy period of research on the market and perfecting of the technology, which involved fans in the industry, engineers and designers, we are finally delighted to have shared with you the results of this journey: at Host 2015, in an environment that was intimate yet open to all, we were finally able to present to you the success and characteristics of this innovative “concept grinder” that will soon be launched into standard production.
Dedicating to the individual visitor our full attention, the simple but reliable operation of this new revolutionary dispensing system was explained, allowing visitors the freedom to try out the huge potential.
To friends, fans, customers and, why not, also to our major competitors who showed an interest, we explained the strength of this evolution of the product which, in an extremely flexible and technologically advanced manner, proved capable not only of ensuring the correct dose in the portafilter but is also able to offer you a system that is adapted to the working practices of baristas around the world, allowing tapping and numerous other iterations with the barista. Maximum ergonomics, flexibility, reliability and ease of use and of programming.
There is a huge amount of information that the coffee grinder processes within its powerful processor made available to the owner of the appliance thanks to wireless technology.
Powerful technology inside but it’s not ostentatious: to ensure that the barista will always be the protagonist, using technology that is both supportive but never conditions his way of working.

We will amaze you again as we have other surprises for you.

Stay tuned. We will soon be announcing the product launch date.

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